Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A.

Important Announcement


Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A. Corporation (MMUS) was founded in 1984 with a charter to provide solutions in manufacturing process technologies to leading manufacturing companies in North America.

Mitsubishi Materials’ name has an instant brand recognition as being a leader in technology, quality, product offering; having talented employees; and as a partner with leading manufacturers in diverse industries.


Mitsubishi Materials’ success is embedded with the belief that a commitment to a professional business environment, team effort and talents from diverse cultural background formulate the unique organizational culture the company offers.


Mitsubishi Materials focuses on providing solutions in manufacturing process technologies. Our products are application-specific for customers’ processes. In-depth engineering and superior customer satisfaction are components of products we deliver to our customers.


Mitsubishi Materials’ manufacturing plants are all ISO certified, TPM installed, and 5S implemented world-class operations. Mitsubishi Materials is committed to environmentally sound manufacturing operations. Mitsubishi Materials’ consciousness in the preservation of the environment redefines what "Quality" really means.

MMUS Head Office

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